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Pure solid wood furniture, solid wood furniture identification

&Nbsp;   solid wood furniture can usually be seen on the surface of wood real textures, simple and calm, occasional tree will also reflect the fresh and natural materials, both natural and chemical-free, solid wood furniture is not only stylish and healthy, is the preferred furniture of modern city respect for nature.
&Nbsp;   "how to distinguish between purely real unaccounted pools were imitation wood"
&Nbsp;   first class, is most common in the surface layer of wood veneer furniture, surface, and solid wood furniture is very similar. Consumers only careful observation, can be easily distinguished.
&Nbsp;   the second approach is through the further processing of solid wood mosaic pieces of finger-Board substrate as a pure solid wood furniture, solid wood veneer on the outside. "
&Nbsp;   new tricks and the third is the market higher, consumers find it almost counterfeit practices. Such processing tricks is wood furniture positive and negative is a thin finger-Board, plywood or even a variety of location is the Centre of wood waste, it is recommended that consumers can go through when buying nail hole hole location, handle and other hardware to see if a sandwich!
&Nbsp;   "maintenance"
&Nbsp;   avoid direct sunlight
&Nbsp;   almost all of the furniture should pay attention to the Sun, should avoid outdoor sunshine furniture of solid wood furniture whole or part of the long exposure, are best positioned to keep out of the sun shining in place, or separated by transparent Voile Curtains direct sunlight, so that will not affect the indoor lighting, but also protect the interior furniture in good condition.
&Nbsp;   away from heat
&Nbsp;   winter, best furniture at a distance to get warm water about 1 meter place, avoiding high baked for a long time, local shack of wood, bending deformation and local deterioration of paint film.
&Nbsp;   pure solid wood furniture while in use, you should try to maintain the stability of the environment, in particular, there should be no drastic changes in temperature and humidity, otherwise it will lead to deformation of the furniture.
&Nbsp;   attention to the surface of the furniture with clean
&Nbsp;   timed dry soft cloth to gently wipe the surface with cotton dust, every once in a while, wring out the moisture of the wet cotton silk nooks and dust the furniture carefully wipe clean, then dry with clean soft fine cotton wipe test.
&Nbsp;   alcohol, petrol or other chemical solvents should be avoided except for stain
&Nbsp;   furniture surfaces such as dirt, never tried hard to clean, warm tea stains gently to remove, wait until the moisture evaporation in a little wax on the original paint and lightly grinding dry several times to form a protective film.

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