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Wardrobe with the hardcover had to say a thing

&Nbsp;   in recent years, with refined decoration real estate project to increase, "bag check" at the same time convenient for consumers, home improvement the quality problems of disputes followed. So, some owners buy the hardcover, but considering the health or environmental factors such as style, after arrival, will replace some of the product has been installed, wardrobe is often referred to as the "first choice".
&Nbsp;   "owner experience"
&Nbsp;   "replace"
&Nbsp;   product type and is not
&Nbsp;   di hardcover housing developer, where I live is equipped with a whole wardrobe, because with the baby, I would like to use more eco-friendly solid wood wardrobe. Plus I personally prefer natural texture and rich texture of the solid wood wardrobe, so I make a whole wardrobe after all, replaced with a solid wood wardrobe.
&Nbsp;   worry about the quality after sales did not guarantee
&Nbsp;   high Lady in hardcover in room and could see it regularly on various media reported problems with building materials quality problems, it makes me suspicious of the hardcover of building materials used in the product. In addition, I also worry about aftermarket products no one, especially the wardrobe, if there was a large area deformation occurred outside the warranty period, and may not find manufacturers to come to repair. When in a hurry, not as good as replacing prior to arrival.
&Nbsp;   "use"
&Nbsp;   for hooking buy hardcover
&Nbsp;   ladies buy hardcover houses is aware of it leaves out the decoration part. Two years ago, I renovated a House, don't say I'm tired, eventually did not achieve the desired decoration effect. So this time I'm going to buy a hardcover development projects, that is, in order to avoid the trouble of decorating. And developers promised standard of decoration is not low, I assured.
&Nbsp;   "investigative journalism"
&Nbsp;   worry about the quality
&Nbsp;   wardrobe
&Nbsp;   "two building is decorated in a community. But we found that there are some owners will replace hardbound room within the building materials, among them, to replace the wardrobes and cabinets are the most common. "The staff told reporters of a residential property, even some hardcover new House decoration by the housing owners.
&Nbsp;   "upgraded room owners replace the closet, most are worried about faulty hardbound room wardrobe. "A wardrobe sales said, hardcover, if not all laying in the room, or at least laying in the bedroom closet.
&Nbsp;   compared with other building materials, fixed in the wardrobe room, and is the space for a long time, due to health concerns, coupled with the relatively simple disassembly and Assembly of the wardrobe, so some consumers will replace the original hardbound room wardrobe, to replace the relatively upscale, environmentally friendly products.
&Nbsp;   China timber and wood products distribution Association wardrobe Vice President Yang Meixin, typically, large closet used by developers in hardcover in real estate projects, product quality is guaranteed.
&Nbsp;   but there are some developers in order to reduce costs, will choose the "Engineering", which is designed for the production of cheap closet, inferior quality and often are not up to environmental standards. But larger developers pay more attention to its brand image, no longer uses this project board.
&Nbsp;   the same time, reporters learned, as hardcover orders a large quantity of the housing project, up to 20,000 or 30,000 square meters, this order is enough to make the wardrobe enterprises according to the developer, material, specifications required for their "custom" products.

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