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Buy mahogany furniture 4 principles

&Nbsp;   in recent years, mahogany furniture, prices soared, in the face of expensive furniture prices, when consumers purchase is often more carefully, for fear of fraud. How to buy mahogany furniture? professionals to buy mahogany furniture 4 principles.
&Nbsp;   knowledge
&Nbsp;   prevent flicker
&Nbsp;   to buy mahogany furniture, Professor Yang jiaju recommendations, consumers should first understand some knowledge of Redwood, clear mahogany 5 genera and 8 classes in the standard 33, it is best to master their scientific name, commonly known as the characteristics, origin, and related, so as not to be fooled businesses a wide selection of nouns.
&Nbsp;   in addition, when consumers sign a sales contract, the merchant must follow the names marked on mahogany standard and prevent future disputes lead to rights difficult.
&Nbsp;   technology
&Nbsp;   culture is the key
&Nbsp;   many consumers think that, as long as the wood and precious furniture is priceless. But experts point out that mahogany furniture value reflects more on the process level, the art will give mahogany furniture a second life.
&Nbsp;   long-Shun Beijing Chinese furniture factory lumber branch manager Wu Chien-advice, you should try to choose carved furniture. With the spread of industrialization, the way some manufacturers use machine engraving, Wu Jianguo said that this furniture made of Terra, a lack of artistic content, does not have collectible value.
&Nbsp;   experts point out that buy mahogany furniture, art and historical and cultural tastes of mahogany furniture in terms of value, rather than as an investment, but can not hold speculative mentality.
&Nbsp;   price
&Nbsp;   price is outrageous to be careful
&Nbsp;   many consumers see the value and value-added potential of mahogany furniture, sometimes holding "leakage testing" mentality to buy mahogany furniture, but experts point out that such leakage testing is prone to "drill", buying fake products. Professor Yang jiaju suggested consumers, at the time of purchase of mahogany furniture, transverse and longitudinal comparisons to, be aware of, if the price is too far, they should pay more attention.
&Nbsp;   choose store
&Nbsp;   secure
&Nbsp;   Redwood products protect, store role should not be overlooked. Love mahogany Grand building project director Pan United introduced, they entered business strictly selected famous Redwood brands. Given the particularity of the mahogany furniture, stores and businesses signed a material insurance undertaking and the on-field product is not periodic checks, these are conducive to eliminate genuine furniture to the market.

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