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Wood furniture maintenance tips is what

&Nbsp;   in everyday life and long for good furniture, old. How can I extend the life of furniture, furniture in the passage of time, always flashy father? which would require some maintenance and repair tips for wood furniture. Here are a few I use "indigenous", hoped has the help to everybody.
&Nbsp;   because wood business furniture of material is natural wood, also on has plant of characteristics, so wood business furniture placed Shi cannot near heating, also cannot put in is wet of place; if you of furniture to move, placed Shi must to put flat put stability, best in furniture landing of four a angle, with specifically of stepping pad good, such can keep furniture of structure stable; wood business of wardrobe in or table Shang don't placed too much of items, to reduced furniture of bearing weight. My old closet used to be my overstuffed, results when you move, it will break apart, had to advance to "retire".
&Nbsp;   maintenance of wooden furniture, and wipe, but wipes don't wash with hot water, soda water or disinfectant, it will ruin the paint on the furniture surface. Best with a duster dusting off surface dirt, fine or with a damp cloth to wipe. Wood furniture wax Polish on a regular basis, this can enhance the furniture surface moisture resistance properties.
&Nbsp;   said for wood furniture repair. Furniture for a long time, and will inevitably have a scratch or something, himself with a few repair tips, no bother professionals to repair.
&Nbsp;   wooden furniture if dented, you can wipe with a damp cloth, once in a while and see if slightly expanding due to absorption of moisture, if nothing changes, you can pad on the furniture with a damp cloth, ironing at low temperature with an iron, the recess to go up, and then using a fine Emery paper grind. If you have scratches on wooden furniture, can be coated with cod-liver oil, wipe again after a few days on the line. If wooden furniture with a long finish and dull, add 1/4 cup vinegar with half a cup of water, or with alcohol, toilet water, tea, dip soft cloth wipe on one or two times, then wipe the floor wax again, restoration can make wooden furniture glow. Using this method you can also eliminate the traces of paint is used on white.

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