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Mahogany furniture how moisture-proof

&Nbsp;   some people think that wood quality, and furniture do not have moisture; some furniture factory was also rigorous drying process, moisture problems are not important, some salespeople to sell furniture for consumers say. Mahogany wood with fine amounts to a "wood", and "sex", "tidal swell of shrinkage" furniture will "move" that do not impact? plum rains in spring and summer in southern China, Northern summer "sauna weather", and moisture is necessary.
&Nbsp;   wax painted across the tidal
&Nbsp;   mahogany furniture should always dusting Polish, not only bright but also moisture-proof. Furniture wax before the Spring Festival practice in the past, when I not only looked festive, it is moisture-proof. Ahead again or find their own manufacturers and maintenance liquid furniture Polish or japanning, can to a certain extent to prevent moisture penetration into the furniture. People are buying new furniture after 2-3, spring and fall on the back of furniture wax and moisture-proof furniture cracking. In addition, wipe the furniture with a dry soft cloth to gently wipe back and forth along the wood grain, not wet cloth or rough cloth used to wipe, so as not to damage the wax or paint film, resulting in furniture prices should have cracked. When arranging furniture, best use of thin flexible pad parts in contact with the ground separating the furniture, furniture parts against the wall with the wall while keeping 0.5 to 1 cm gap. If possible, you can also put a copper set foot on a furniture leg reach the goal of isolated ground moisture.
&Nbsp;   desiccant moisture absorbing
&Nbsp;   these days, supermarket, many dedicated to moisture the moisture absorption and dehumidification desiccant packs, buying a home can be placed on furniture drawer moisture absorption. But note that when you use after a period of time, box or package of material to be removed, put some lime or other seasonings in bulk for use again. Water-absorbing resin and charcoal for the production of raw materials the desiccant Pack is suitable for placement in a small space, such as wardrobes, shoe, such as a closed space to hang a bag of desiccant to expel moisture. In addition, hands-on homemade desiccants is also an interesting thing. Small amount of lime in bags, tied into a small bag placed in each corner of the room, can slow down the indoor humidity conditions. Lime is absorbent, 1 kg of quicklime can absorb approximately 0.3 kg of moisture in the air. Wrap cloth pouches that are available after installing lime placed in the room, and keep the air dry.
&Nbsp;   wet
&Nbsp;   mahogany furniture as far away from doors and Windows. When the outdoor humidity, and upwind of the door should be closed, open a downwind window to reduce the water vapor into the room. The weather turned out to be an outdoor humidity variable hours, to open all the doors and Windows to speed up evaporation. Moisture is the most important day in the morning and in the evening, the midday air humidity is higher in the last session, if not promptly shut the doors and Windows, water vapor will be heavily infiltrated to every corner of the home. In addition, if you feel closed ventilation cannot be recommended ventilation window for a short time at noon. Not eyeing any moisture out of the window into the opportunity.
&Nbsp;  -friendly amenities dehumidifying
&Nbsp;   the ancient wooden structure of the building, towers of arranging furniture and other moisture-proof requirements are very strict, carefully designed, carefully constructed. In order to damp-proof, generally ground floor room with kiln fired brick pavers, brick paving burned back bowls, bowls covered under sand, bricks from the ground more than a foot high, with barrier layer upon layer, ground moisture is difficult to rise. Design-time 4-5 metres above the ground floor, both ventilation and insulation, is a powerful measure moisture.
&Nbsp;   commonly used modern home has wood floors, tile or carpet, and changes in ancient times, furniture moisture should keep up with times. Some appliances can also smoke wet. Air conditioning is dehumidification function, but air conditioners dehumidifiers work slower, it normally takes two or three. Open air conditioning not blowing on furniture. Special dehumidifiers work faster, but power consumption is relatively large. In addition, equipment such as furniture as possible from the heat. Heaters can also reduce indoor wet conditions to a certain extent, but effective radiation heater range is small, can only play a supplementary role. If the dehumidifier or is generally not satisfactory, it may be targeted special care according to the situation. Because of the difference in geographical features and furniture, moisture is eclectic.

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