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Tips and maintenance of classical furniture

&Nbsp;   many friend's collection of antique furniture, often because of poor preservation, resulting in broken defect phenomena, so that makes furniture reduced its beauty and value. Typically, maintenance and repair of antique furniture, tell us that starting with the following:
&Nbsp;   dust
&Nbsp;   dust furniture surfaces, use a soft brush or broom to remove the Fox, then wipe clean with a soft cloth such as cotton silk slowly. Vacuum cleaner can also be used to absorb the gap and hidden parts of dust, dust residue can be slightly wet soft cloth wipe disinfection. Do not use a feather duster to sweep of classical furniture, because the feather duster scratched furniture surfaces.
&Nbsp;   moth
&Nbsp;   worm is the enemy of furniture, particularly termites and other pests, decayed wood fiber from food furniture, damaged furniture. To this end, to periodically check if the moth is found, immediately killing with drugs.
&Nbsp;  -proof wet/dry
&Nbsp;   dry and wet, is the enemy of furniture protected. Bo Po art network of experts, such as air humidity is too low, wood furniture with water shortage, furniture will warp, dry brittle, increasing gap, loose structure and strength. Conversely, if the humidity is too high, it will cause the wood to expand, would also make furniture twisted.
&Nbsp;   anti-
&Nbsp;   light on ancient damaging, infrared surface heating can cause furniture of light, temperature, resulting in warping and cracking. Which is more harmful, it not only can make furniture fade, also reduces the mechanical strength of the wood fibers. The damaging effects of light on the wood fiber is a gradual process of chemical change, even after the light stops, in the shadows, he continues to play destroy.
&Nbsp;   anti collision
&Nbsp;   classical furniture is moved, be sure to drive up on the ground, light lift with care, or thick plastic bubble wrap tight handling, not drag on the ground, to avoid unnecessary damage to furniture. If wear or paint or scratch is the best way to wax involution.
&Nbsp;   wet
&Nbsp;   wet cloth is the enemy of ancient furniture. Because moisture and dust mixed in a wet cloth, will form a granular upon friction surface, it is easy to cause some damage. Got stains on the furniture, you can use water or oily cleansers to clean.
&Nbsp;   wax
&Nbsp;   wax after the complete removal of dust, otherwise it will form a wax spots or wear and scratches. Meanwhile, wax choice is also important.

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