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Sofa stains should be how to deal with

&Nbsp;   before using any stain removal method, as much as possible to remove spills immediately with a clean, white, absorbent fabric, sucking up spills. For pollutants and fabric type, select the appropriate decontamination method, prior to test decontamination methods at the fabric is not obvious. When using solvent cleaning agents when cleaning, use a piece of cloth, dipped in appropriate solvent, blot with a clean dry cloth, repeated several times, flipped, don't let the stain again contaminated fabrics. Cleaning be sure to drain residual water or detergents. Wipe from the outside edge of the stain to the center circle to avoid stains to expand. If the stain with household method won't come out, please consult the cleaning experts, stains to be dealt with immediately, the longer, more difficult the stain removed.

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