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Export domestic furniture fine true

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&Nbsp;   and apparel industry domestic exports of consumer goods like, recently, the furniture export goods with its exports abroad, materials, quality, and environmental protection in line with EU standards, the price was lower than the same quality furniture features, wantonly "seizing" the hearts of consumers.
&Nbsp;   low price buy good furniture? these good things are true or false, if there are any pitfalls?, Zhu Changling, President of China furniture Association, said due to the different export destinations and unilateral demands under export furniture-sanliujiudeng, not all export furniture with "high-quality" equal. In addition, insiders say, domestic manufacturers are usually dominated by OEM production, furniture made in response to the emergency situation, quantities will not be too many. Therefore, many on the market called "domestic exports" the true extent remains to be seen.
&Nbsp;   goods of good quality but really match a limited
&Nbsp;   real exports of goods are the first choice for consumers is not unreasonable. Foreign furniture enterprises after the design and development, to create a practical and popular furniture styles, followed by raw materials and labor are relatively cheap domestic factory workers. In order to ensure product quality, they are very strict about these OEM products, materials must meet EU standards, quality and environmental protection. Such strict production process makes the real export domestic reputation. According to Henry day home, Executive Vice President of Ma Xiaolong introduction, really cheap domestic furniture in the market is there, but not many. These furniture or to replace defective products on the line, or the material has residual waste is produced, and ultimately useless. Due to the small amount of complete lines, so only in their domestic form in the domestic sale prices.
&Nbsp;   in addition to import American-style furniture known for its super comfortable home said Wang Lanping, export product quality there are differences. General furniture exported through formal channels, the testing process, for production standards, technology standards are very high, quality reliable. But testing standards vary in different countries, export furniture test standards higher than those in Europe and Southeast Asia and other regions, relatively high quality furniture. Therefore, you can ask product to consumers in the purchase of export experience, as an adjunct to judge product quality. Zhu Changling, Director of China furniture Association and suggest purchase, he said, some smaller companies have long done single products of processing of orders, product is not set, especially export United States, whose specifications and color is very characteristic, it will be difficult to match the case.
&Nbsp;   "export returns" furniture problems see quality buy
&Nbsp;   consumers in the purchase and export of items of furniture, also need to be wary of a situation that "export returns" furniture. Export returns and export goods is essentially different from, and is backed by foreign manufacturers, and have a problem, or failure to deliver, or specification discrepancies, or defective goods, or quality and environmental protection are not tested. In this regard, Zhu Changling, said that under the current circumstances, exclude some brands that circulate on the market sale furniture are some of the near-collapse of small manufacturers of inventory or the export inspection failed to return. Unless it was significantly damaged furniture surface, otherwise the consumers it is hard to tell the difference between poop and return. Therefore, purchase of should require manufacturers to issue business licenses and furniture testing report, note also that the amount of purchases, to furniture not exceeding an area of 1/3.
&Nbsp;   Ma Xiaolong, also said the spending power abroad is in the decline stage, demand for furniture grade changes. Their furniture are exported to abroad in recent years middle-grade durable products, materials standard, less simple carving, metal accessories are also of higher quality products, and Ma Xiaolong understand this transformation is universal. If it is a durable product is the "return", that is not only limited to carved detailed enough and size differ slightly from that simple. Therefore, consumers are not confused by low prices, to see the quality before you buy.

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