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Three cloakrooms design trends

&Nbsp;   cloakroom design trends
&Nbsp;   1, open the locker room, use a blank wall for storage. Advantages of air circulation is good and spacious. This locker room is suitable for those who want to solve all the features in a large space of young people. But even open to a certain degree of privacy ... so as not to appear too cluttered with large space. Good form is using a blank wall storage, not fully closed. Advantages of air circulation is good and spacious. Bad disadvantage however is that dust, dust is the focus of this type of locker room note matters, use dust Leather hanging clothes, uses box to lean on clothing. To facilitate the identification, can add some flags. More drawers, glove. is more practical.
&Nbsp;   2, separate cloakroom on the residential area of high requirements. Only set up in spacious great room independent type cloakroom before it can make it both aesthetic and functional. Separate cloakroom are characterized by dust, and storage integrity and provide ample locker space, and requires adequate lighting in the room.
&Nbsp;   3, embedded, the cloakroom is expedient, conservation area, space utilization high. easy to keep clean. Generally speaking, the home if we could find an area of more than 4 square meters of space, you can consider asking a professional furniture factory according to the shape of the space, making several wardrobe doors and internal layout, embedded-type locker room space storage clothes.

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