Furniture businesses are required to create flexible funding

&Nbsp;   at present, many furniture companies are "expansion" actively promote by saying that the larger, the more invincible. And they tend to ignore financial risk control, which is a major cause of Chinese enterprises ' short-lived. In middle and small furniture companies, most companies are most concerned about market prospects, investment budget, sales objective and profit objective and human inputs and for risk management and control are not enough attention. Because the preliminary investigation is not in place, the market evaluation is not accurate, even planned to seriously divorced from reality, the financial indicators will easily exceed Enterprise expectations for planning, project investment plan is disturbed and unable to be effectively controlled. If program income, and investment needs, funding tend to break. Therefore, enterprises should strengthen the "reservoir" construction, as the reservoir and water regulation, usually in a pragmatic manner and seek stable development, pay attention to cash flow of control for a rainy day.
&Nbsp;   "any power for enterprise development and the ultimate goal is to be profitable. Businesses and competitors ' sales is not large, cost control has become the key to gain a competitive advantage. Therefore, the cost reduction is the furniture industry ice-the only way to survive. In particular low added-value, return on investment is slow furniture industry, cost control is particularly important. "Wang stressed.
&Nbsp;   to establish reasonable standards of cost control
&Nbsp;   "no rules, no standards." In business activities, must develop appropriate specifications and procedures, cost control of every participant knows how to do, to achieve any effect and extent, give them direction and goals.
&Nbsp;   "current Goodwood company step by step development of the corresponding control standards, take inventory, organizing inventory, inventory control, and establishing appropriate stock levels, this is the most critical. In good time to the customer stock, raw materials are exceptionally well prepared, once the situation is not good, what about when orders plunged? can't these materials production and consumption, forming a large backlog, it takes a lot of money, but if managed properly, you can avoid or reduce the risk of these conditions. In response, Goodwood has become a scientific and complete dispatching process, from Headquarters through the prudent management of the company will be allocated between all raw materials at the factory, the company scientific and orderly conduct of each batch of feed, to maximize cash flow. "Wang said.
&Nbsp;   refining the cost
&Nbsp;   enterprises from raw material procurement to product design, production, quality control, inventory, and product sales, cost control through each link. Each link must proceed from the nuances of cost control, corporate financial losses is often caused by the details. Therefore, controlling costs must grasp from the details, let the enterprises each employee to pay attention to detail, in order to prevent the occurrence of adverse events, the real cost controls implemented.
&Nbsp;   scientific and reasonable way to "cut expenditure" is one of the key to control costs. Incidents, and complexity of simplicity, scientific scheduling, control, and may not be effective for a short time, but after a good habit, to control costs will become more and more important role. Such as customer reception, Goodwood many foreign customers, like Japan and the United States customers pay more attention to health, nutrition, and so on, are taboo extravagance. For different customers, Goodwood has a sweet recipes. Ryomoto do in every aspect in great detail, and intentions, this kind of attention to detail had been slowly integrated into the corporate culture and ethos, which is wood senior leadership and efforts of all departments and all the employees.

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