Rosewood furniture while road

&Nbsp;   with the consumer and environmental protection, natural mnemonic, in spring and autumn fair in 2010, solid wood furniture from the comprehensive exhibition of original independent, with strong furniture fair highlights. Meanwhile, Fuzhou sells solid wood and brands has increased significantly, solid wood furniture obviously becomes the focus of furniture industry.
&Nbsp;   Federal Home Fuzhou, district officials say, two years, 100% log furniture is no longer only the cheap trees such as pine, cherry, ash, walnut, white oak, tree species such as oak wood, Wu Jinmu began the role out of decorative panels, furniture base material. Meanwhile, pure solid wood furniture in the style, color, and style, in order to meet consumer demand, more and more diversified, in addition to the traditional Chinese style, French-style garden, American pastoral, the Nordic simple style became the dominant style, South-East Asia. BACK

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