Decrypt mahogany furniture inside

&Nbsp;   recently, Lian Tianhong expose of the mahogany industry rules angered all the businessmen reported on mahogany furniture wax and paint pros and cons of concern to a large number of consumers, details for waxing and mahogany furniture, mahogany collector Zhao reporter interviewed the senior man. Old Zhao is an old revolutionary, to the Mayor's Secretary, infiltration of wood industry for many years now a furniture Association. For sky red posted of "waxing PK Shang paint" this Zhang poster of exists, Zhao man deep thought so, told reporter he Yu last year October also in sky red Beijing straight camp shop in the ordered has a leaflets rosewood of level Lohan bed, is according to he in purchase antique mahogany furniture Shi of has always standard, is purchase of when has never as long as white embryo, requirements businesses delivery of when first not he ordered of mahogany furniture waxing or Shang paint,, he in shop in the pedigreed Hou again by shop in staff face to face waxing, but never will Shang paint.
&Nbsp;   Mr Zhao said consumers know a point will not choose painted furniture. Mahogany furniture market has been there since a lot of fraud, particularly well versed in mahogany counterfeiters of all kinds of materials can be used for paint color matching, so painting mahogany furniture on fraud provided fertile soil. Useful such as pretending to be a mahogany color similar to wood, acid-colored paint posing as red as red Ironwood branches; also useful low-end pretending to be a high-end mahogany mahogany, white colored paint on the rosewood can pass red rosewood, the price paid by consumers on more than a few times; also spelled fill, white skin, and more can be covered with paint. Painted mahogany furniture after senior figures are difficult to distinguish, not to mention ordinary consumers. Zhao man also to reporter playing has a is image of metaphor, waxing mahogany furniture on like is coated has run skin dew of cheek, not only to face protection moist paid off through visible real skin, and Shang paint of mahogany furniture is is to face coated Shang a layer and a layer of cover cream, even is Shang has color of plastic sheeting, and veil, various spots, and scar are can was cover, this Zhang face of real situation on what are not clear has.
&Nbsp;   in addition, Zhao also pointed out that the old man a valuable aspect of mahogany furniture is that it can form luminous like mirror natural patina, waxing is a basic nursing and protection also did not generate a patina of rosewood furniture. Painted mahogany furniture operators misleading consumers say paint is to protect the Redwood eroded by human sweat, but mahogany furniture needs and air, human exposure to a nice patina. And truly knowledgeable people know once the coated fine mahogany furniture is ruined, but really fine mahogany furniture, the operator if you are a man of wood, nor be willing to package it with paint. 2008 China Ka de spring took Shang, a Qianlong rosewood big flat case end to 31.36 million Yuan sold, broken has China classical furniture auction world record, this pieces treasures after more than 200 years of time infiltration package pulp rich light, can carefully wants to wants to if had to it Shang has paint words, package pulp no generated, now again see on will is paint has peeling off of mottled, not is baotiantianwu, and which to now of distinguished very does?

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