Show sofa trend analysis

&Nbsp;   laymen may be dazzling, professional people feel to master the new trend of furniture is not difficult. Sofa, for example on display, nothing from modelling, metal pieces, colors, fabrics, function, and other major elements, starting with, a little wonder, can always see some doorways.
&Nbsp;   shape-export products simple, domestic product preference for complex
&Nbsp;   participated in this spring Italy Milan Furniture Fair this fall and Germany Cologne furniture fair, family-friendly sofa designer Feng Yuanfeng, international and domestic furniture, popular in the modeling of difference is quite obvious. Internationally well-known both furniture fair, rarely seen in these two years at home is popular, craft complex neo-classical furniture, look, both well-known international big names, the designer's new brand, showing basic is a simple piece of furniture. More simple furniture, the test the skill of the designer. The Shanghai furniture fair mainly for export, so most of the furniture is a popular simple show trends. For example, ultra compact CAMERICH furniture fair in Shanghai (riches) concept even gave up the sofa armrest and backrest, it is understood that the riches of the sixth space Hall in Hangzhou, will soon be able to see just released this fall on Shanghai furniture fair new products.
&Nbsp;   – stainless steel painted metal powder gold
&Nbsp;   sofa Designer, Feng Yuanfeng good understanding of customer preferences. He knew Americans only made of wood sofa legs, while the previous domestic sofas, metal feet, will be a tough sell. But now, designers at home and abroad as a separate element of sofa legs to full play, sofa legs metal trend became popular, changing color, gold, shiny black paint powder stainless steel. International and domestic buyers, now also accept this metal sofa legs. LEHOO (lehoo) MODE of latest products at the Shanghai furniture show sofa, by Italy designer personally demanded the material sofa legs are also made of metal.
&Nbsp;   functional-a growing emphasis on function-oriented, backrest adjustment variable
&Nbsp;   nice sofa, used to sit in the end, to make people sit comfortably, can be called a good sofa. Today, various brands of designer emphasizes functionality, backrest adjustment changes more and more, pushing can push back and forth, up and down, also fell. Like a sofa back in lehoo MODE, and function is very dynamic and can be broken down on the waist or on the pillows at the head. Designers are also finding space utilization, and storage function of the sofa to the limit, for example in an armchair, lying below the following design storage function, handrail side also designed the storage space.
&Nbsp;   fabric: fabric sofa close to nature is pretty popular, sand-washed linen and denim fabric into the main
&Nbsp;   Milan Show debut this spring a lot of fabric sofa, sand-washed linen, looks very elegant, feel better than Bast, higher stability. Shanghai furniture show, many exports of fabric sofa with this kind of material is another main fabrics like denim. These products are not sold at home, but bought in Hangzhou to the sofa is not difficult, tianmushan road in the MHF's flagship showroom has a lot of uses of these two fabrics fabric sofa. BACK

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