Large scale repair best big structure furniture

&Nbsp;   luxurious mansions decorated differs from the common home. Today's decorator Cui Xiaolong believes that especially villas, duplex houses luxurious rooms, care should be taken due to the large and raised a series of questions.
&Nbsp;   according to Cui Xiaolong introduction this case 380 sqm large, inspired by the modern interpretations of the Buddhist culture, through the application of different materials and spatial layout to create a quiet home. Artful mix of tones in design, with some of the most representative of the perfect combination of characteristic elements of Oriental culture, which conveys respect for Oriental culture, and exudes a modern and trendy elegance.
&Nbsp;   starting from the entrance porch, in a tranquil and traditional Chinese screens, blocked access to the bustle of the city. Restaurant with open approach in reducing visual clutter at the same time, shows the living room of the quaint charm of the East. A lot of natural materials and modern processing of traditional lattice Windows, the emergence of the ancient calligraphy and painting to the living space adds a touch of fun.
&Nbsp;   Cui Xiaolong view, luxurious decoration design essence lies in how that extra space is divided into a number of separate spaces, and connected to each other. Different colors can make a space full of depth and diversity; through the rafters, floor, ceiling renovation can achieve the purpose of protruding styles; because of the big house, so when choosing furniture as much as possible with large structural furniture, indoor is fragmented. Decent to reflect the "refined"; in material suitable to use high grade materials, such as glass, sanding stainless steel ice, decorated with elaborate as far as possible. Meanwhile, some decorations such as paintings, sculptures, porcelain ornament, both to compensate for the monotonous and interior life and meaning. BACK

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