Compact and low furniture Red

&Nbsp;   a red hand-woven India wool carpet in a corner of the living room, a 0.4-metre high wooden table equipped with the same happy colors of scarlet cloth on the carpet, a few red cushions and pieces tossed on the ground. Family or sitting cross-legged sitting, or lying, or bent depends on the mat, is a most suitable attitude enjoy TV programmes ... ... Recently, many low, small furniture in the furniture market and began loved by many people, many people choose them to arrange a casual corner.
&Nbsp;   compared with conventional furniture, "small" and "low" are the most prominent feature low profile furniture. Most of them no more than half a meter high, chairs, cabinets and other children's products, but functional design has to meet adult needs.
&Nbsp;   small coffee table and desk looks very similar, but the general structure and is no different from the table: adjustable sizes, shapes can be combined, is almost the "legs" of traditional table. And "short table" chairs to match, are emphasizing "horizontal development": only twenty or thirty cm, seat width and back sizes did not "shrink", but applies the traditional seating style: design armchair, some such as swivel chair can rotate 360 degrees, there is no adult knees rocking chair, staggered ... ... These tiny chairs, like a tailored suit, peacefully encased an adult. In addition, low profile furniture also has admitted a role in the Cabinet. These little Cabinet has no conventional furniture complex shapes, more smooth clean lines, but in the limited space, the isolation, dark drawer design a lot, you can make all your groceries have their.
&Nbsp;   materials, low profile furniture more diverse than conventional furniture, wood, plastic, metal, Wicker everything. However, regardless of the material used, the furniture is lightweight, easy to use place.
&Nbsp;   over the years, popular low furniture. Open home fashion magazines, whether modern or classic style, all are high low high sofas. However, the low furniture looked really fresh and Nice, not so comfortable with. Chief expert of Orthopaedics in Zhongshan hospital in Chengdu, the special allowance of the State Council Li Wentong Professor Tip: these lazy, short, soft-sell fashion furniture, virtually forces the State of cervical and lumbar spondylopathy has long been buckling, induce or worsen cervical and lumbar disease, orthopaedics, minimally invasive techniques in the treatment of serious illness can be recovered.
&Nbsp;   "fashion furniture ' injury ' is the two characteristics of the spine, a height too short, second, sofa bed mattress too soft. "Professor Huang Guozhi said, sitting on the couch watching TV for the most common action, it's pretty easy to damage the spine. Popular TV cabinet has now not much higher than the ground, sitting on the sofa slightly lowered her head to see a TV screen. Work has in Fuan city people, which means that we either work or home, day of the cervical spine are not relaxed.
&Nbsp;   primary school teacher Zhou Lin, the day is very hard, particularly needs to relax after work, go home and stay in bed every day, get up on computer desk Internet is her favorite. But a month ago, her relaxation, rest and happy life was suddenly disrupted. At first, she had to urinate more often, but rarely needed during the day; then found himself unsteadily, walking is like stepping on cotton. More serious recent cases, Zhou Lin feels arm appeared numb and the pain, tailbone pain and bowel problems. This is what strange illness, Zhou Lin really freaked out.
&Nbsp;   doctor, Zhou Lin was removed for treatment, finally in Chengdu Zhongshan orthopedic hospital, identify the cause, was diagnosed with cervical spondylotic myelopathy. It turns out that Zhou Lin sat down on the bed for a long time Internet access, resulting in the forms the fulcrum of the cervical spine, lumbosacral, long oppressed, damaged cervical spine, lumbosacral mechanical compression causes pain, can cause abnormal. The doctor said, sitting on the bed for a long time Internet access, more kills than computers for general use, except for cervical and lumbar disease, can also lead to poor blood circulation, stomach Department of oppressed and breeding of series of lesions! BACK

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