Who knew furniture basics

&Nbsp;   knowledge &Nbsp;   (a) the meaning and characteristics of furniture
&Nbsp;   from the word meaning point of view, furniture household appliances; some local furniture, household debris.
&Nbsp;   specifically, of furniture has two broad and narrow.
&Nbsp;   generalized furniture refers to lead a normal life, engaged in production practices and social activities essential to the kind of apparatus.
&Nbsp;   furniture in a narrow sense refers to the life, work, or social practice activity for people to sit, lie or bearing and storage of a class of apparatus and equipment
&Nbsp;   furniture is not only a simple functional products, and is a widely popular public art, it is to satisfy certain specific purposes, but also to meet for people to watch, produced in the process enable the access to and use of some kind of aesthetic pleasure and raise spirit of imagination.
&Nbsp;   said that the furniture is not only the physical products, but also an artistic creation, it is often said that the dual characteristics of furniture.
&Nbsp;   furniture type, number, function, form, style and production standards, as well as the possession, also reflects a country and region in a given period of social life style, social level, as well as historical and cultural characteristics of the material.
&Nbsp;   furniture is in a given country or region at a time of social productivity development level symbol, is the epitome of a certain way of life, is a manifestation of a certain cultural forms, of the furniture thus gather a rich and deep social.
&Nbsp;   (ii) elements of the furniture of
&Nbsp;   furniture is made of materials, structures, appearance, form and function of four factors, which function is to guide, is promoting the development of furniture power structure is the trunk, is the basis of the function. These four factors interrelated and interacting. Because furniture is to meet the people's material needs and purpose designed and manufactured, so furniture also has the functionality and appearance of the form factor. Explained below the main content of these four elements and their relationships.
&Nbsp;   1, material
&Nbsp;   the material base of materials that make up the furniture, in the history of furniture, from the materials used for furniture can reflect productivity development level. In addition to the commonly used wood, metal, plastic, and rattan, bamboo, glass, rubber, textile, decorative plates, leather, sponges, etc. However, not any material can be used in furniture production, furniture material application also have a certain degree of selectivity, which should take into account the following factors.
&Nbsp;   (1) processing technology. Material processing technology directly affects the production of furniture. For wood materials, machining process, taking into account its influenced by moisture and shrinkage of heaving and anisotropy of fission and porous. Plastic material to take into account its ductility, hot plastic deformation. Glass material to take into account its brittleness and hardness.
&Nbsp;   (2) quality of texture and appearance. Textures and texture of materials determines the appearance of the product quality of special experiences. Wood is natural material, natural, beautiful, vivid, feel good, and easy processing, coloring, is the production of furniture of the finest materials. Plastics and composite materials can simulate all kinds of natural characteristics of the material, and has good coloring, but its easy to aging, heat deformation, with the production of furniture, its service life and range of use is restricted.
&Nbsp;   (3) economy. Furniture materials economy including material prices, materials processing consumes, the utilization of materials and material source of richness. Advantages of wood has a natural texture, but with the increase in demand, dwindling timber stock volume, the increasing shortage of resources, and the wood close, economic appearance of materials will be widely used in furniture production.
&Nbsp;   (4) strength. Strength to take into account its grip and splitting resistance and elastic modulus.
&Nbsp;   (5) finishes performance. Under normal circumstances, performance finishing it refers to surface decoration, stickers, engraving, coloring, hot, burning, feasibility of decoration.
&Nbsp;   structure refers to the use of materials and certain combinations of components and connection method, it is based on a structural system consisting of certain functions. It includes the internal structure and the external structure of the furniture, refers to the internal structure of furniture parts a certain way, it depends on the change and development of science and technology of materials. Such as plastic furniture, metal furniture, rattan furniture, wood furniture, all have their own structure.
&Nbsp;   in addition, the furniture outside of direct contact with the users, it is the appearance of a direct reflection, therefore, in scale, proportion and shape must be compatible with the user on. For example, the height of the seat, depth, back angle the right Chair can relieve people's fatigue and storage furniture on the premise of user-friendly access to items, and adapted to the scale of stored items, and so on. External structure designed according to this requirement, also laid the groundwork for aesthetic requirements of the furniture.
&Nbsp;   3, the appearance of the form
&Nbsp;   appearance of the furniture directly in front of users, it is the function and structure of Visual performance. Furniture the appearance of flowers attached to the structure, in particular the external structure. But appearance does not exist corresponding to the relationship between form and structure, different forms of appearance of the same structure can be used to represent. Appearance form there is a large degree of freedom, combination of space has a very selective, such as Dresser have the same basic structure, but its appearance is different styles.
&Nbsp;   furniture the appearance of the form as a function of the external performance, also has a cognitive function, therefore, have a message and sign can also develop its aesthetic function, resulting in some exotic atmosphere, a certain artistic effect, give people the enjoyment of beauty.
&Nbsp;   4, the function
&Nbsp;   any piece of furniture is designed for a certain function purpose. This feature constitutes a core part of the furniture, is the leader, is promoting the development of furniture of power. In furniture design, first of all, from the functional point of view, an analysis of design objects, to determine the structure and appearance of the form.
&Nbsp;   in General, functional furniture products are divided into four areas, namely technical, economic, functions and aesthetic functions. BACK

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