Shenzhen furniture market customized wind

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&Nbsp;   When talk about personalization, is a Maverick on the value orientation of the people first thought. However, in the field of custom furniture, "personality" the word has another meaning, bigger extent, it represents the space and versatility. "More and more young consumers to buy small apartment room furniture should be custom-development incentives. "Designer Wang Qi-feng says," small units is more than small, also in difficulty increase the furniture designers of space utilization, but also will bring some specialized custom furniture manufacturers to develop the value of. From a designer's perspective, to design furniture in accordance with the structure of the House itself, and corner hard into the use of space, and beautification effect, is the designer's competence. "
&Nbsp;   I visit a furniture store after the discovery, finished furniture on the market today still predominate. But a lot of furniture sales said his furniture manufacturers to some extent, simple modifications according to customer wishes, and most sellers say, individually tailored and does not increase the furniture down, after all, this will become a trend. Home industry insiders in a city, in lectures for the designers, often to instill the concept of students, "the home to custom furniture will to custom, this is an inevitable trend, first appearance customization, will spill over into the main material after customization. "
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&Nbsp;   "10 young men to buy furniture, there are 9 will tell you, I'm on the style you want to change. "Head of a furniture factory told me," now that can not be ignored this consumer power, we have to change ourselves. Furniture factory in a city noted earlier this. "Author network reached around Beijing and Tianjin and Shandong furniture manufacturer, acquired data: at present, with the improvement network integrity and security, Web custom furniture has started a trend, plus logistics and transport price and the cost price, and custom furniture price is much lower than the traditional stores in the same furniture sale price.
&Nbsp;   "I will retain a lot of furniture manufacturers, network address. "Are planning the decoration of small told reporters:" my friend has custom furniture is online shopping success stories, I would save me shop and his shop to optimize. "
&Nbsp;   It is understood that the current furniture factory operating in the Internet shop are generally small, real brand businesses ' customized ' concept into the realm of high-end custom furniture. BACK

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