Mahogany furniture, buoyant

&Nbsp;   wood industry favored by the more money, it also means that it is more risky than plastic. From the second half of 2009 so far, mahogany less raw material price rises a 20%, more than doubled.
&Nbsp;   not havingany experience, King into the particular attention to controlling the risks: "I am more conservative, most used in the plant is wild PEAR, probably used more than 100 tons a year. "
&Nbsp;   "poor earning less money, but the risk is small, if poor market, losses are small. "Enter the King said, in the mahogany industry, I was a layman, must be" first to understand "can see high-grade mahogany.
&Nbsp;   the same time, Wang did not completely throw away the plastic business. "Did for so many years, and threw away all of a sudden, not willing to give up. "He said, discarded plastic meant to abandon the original building sales channels, also abandoned years of experiences and resources. So, he kept his new material in the plastic business. BACK

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