Office furniture in the low value trap

&Nbsp;   at the show, many Office furniture booth hanging "refused to sell", "bearing a letter of invitation to foreigners can enter this area" signs have been posted, active shield the domestic market. Zhu Changling told reporters that the companies refuse to sell to prevent being copied.
&Nbsp;   Zhu changling introduced, in fact, exported less than its total of 20% office furniture and basic OEM, very few independent brands. "Some companies are keen to do OEM, I have no value at all. "Su Bei said.
&Nbsp;   "Office furniture industry, barriers to entry are low quality, plagiarism or a lower price, there is no good profit model. "Fu Hui, Shanghai, Marketing Director for enterprise development-Sung seemed helpless.
&Nbsp;   although some foreign businesses have complained that Chinese companies copying, but due to the product not registered in China to protect its franchise. "And even if it was a copy of the model, many Chinese companies do feature improvements, so law enforcement is very difficult. "Zhu Changling, told reporters that if domestic enterprises is a copy, is at most a warning to cease the infringement, there is no real way.
&Nbsp;   defend the core technologies
&Nbsp;   market share of dispersion is the status of the Office furniture market. "In our industry, turnover of the market share of the largest companies, less than 1%. "North of Van Gogh (Shanghai) Office Systems Ltd (hereinafter" the promise that Van Gogh ") President Fu Tiancheng said, despite high growth in company sales reached 30% in the first half, but still did not dare to say is the industry's" big "companies.
&Nbsp;  , however, Fu Tiancheng said and not afraid of copying, because the core technology is very difficult to fake. He pointed at the front desk told reporters: "the parts of a table, all have different OEM factory, we provide molds, but the whole Assembly that only we can do, this requires a high level of technical content. "
&Nbsp;   Kunimasa (China) Limited (hereinafter "the State") is equally confident. "Too tired industrial dump to others. Only electrical rotating outlets by our own production of patented products. "The State is the project General Manager Lin Shenyang said the total of sixty or seventy manufacturing company in the country, and the first half of 2010 the company sales of 70 million or 80 million Yuan, its Marketing Director Jia Yan said although there are no patents, but are not afraid of new copy.
&Nbsp;   some of the larger companies in the industry have realized, must have and protecting the core technology. Sung said, the company has at least 10% per cent of the profits into research and development each year. Nobel van Gogh recently passed the United States acceptance of high-end Greenguard certification bodies, is now more than more than 10 patents. BACK

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