Furniture three packs of five major issues to be resolved

&Nbsp;  , order after the default do?
&Nbsp;   the provisions of contract law, the party paying the deposit does not fulfill a contractual debt shall not be entitled to claim a refund of the deposit, the party receiving the deposit fails to fulfil a contractual debt, shall repay the deposit in double. Termination of the contract the buyer's deposit not returned, the seller return double. The furniture sale, Tianjin now "three guarantees" regulations: If consumers default, request cancellation of an order should be withheld when order furniture 1% to 5% of the total penalty. Consumer defaults, and operators adhere to the law of contract, not to take down, or 20% of the total value of income payments, making the furniture warranty implementation difficulties.
&Nbsp;   second, the return is to a depreciation charge, or give compensation 5%?
&Nbsp;   the furniture warranty scheme provides that "replacement should be appropriate to charge depreciation", Tianjin and the consumer protection regulations, "not up to the quality provided by the operator in accordance with State regulations or agreed standards, consumer demand returns, no depreciation charged to the consumer. "Also:" after two repairs still does not function properly during the warranty period, replacement or return should be free to consumers, and not lower than the sales price 5% compensation to consumers. "
&Nbsp;   goods and three home has quality issues, caveat emptor is reasonable?
&Nbsp;   present the furniture warranty regulations: "operator repair, replacement and return of the ' guarantees ', ' guarantees ' from date of issue shopping vouchers, for one year. "Is not like" appliances guarantees "within 7 days of return, within 15 days, furniture in proposed" three guarantees "provisions should be added in.
&Nbsp;   IV, a piece does not "three guarantees" not specific
&Nbsp;   in accordance with the existing furniture three packages of measures of special goods (such as defective or substandard) should be noted, manufacturers can not "three packs of" obligations. Operators under this article evolve into discount merchandise, prices, sample, old style even under custom size substandard treatment, does not return, no "three guarantees", this requirement unreasonable.
&Nbsp;   five or one furniture sets, one change, how?
&Nbsp;   a set of furniture in almost a year, the Chair broke, all the bad, manufacturers had to change, but it wasn't long before the entire furniture out of the warranty period, the Chair broke down again, businesses out of warranty, and consumers say that another month. Association believes that the three packages of measures should provide a clear line of furniture. BACK

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